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"To the complaint, 'There are no people in these photographs,' I respond, 'There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.'" — Ansel Adams

Services and Products

Museum Consultancy

We specialize in the planning and design of exhibits and shows focused on Space and Astronomy. In addition to the creation of exhibit master plans defining the implementation of content scope and storyline, we can provide technology consulting, video production, interactive design, and detailed content creation.

Image Prints

We distribute an array of science-related printed products such as matted photos, blank cards, postcards, and bookmarks to gift shops at nature, technology, and science museums.

Image Licensing

We are the exclusive distributor of images by the Emmy-nominated science communicator, astronomer, and experimental photographer José Francisco Salgado, PhD.

Write to adm "at" for more information on these services.

"Salgado's memorable accompanying video couldn't have been a more striking complement to Holst's score. With a 45-foot-by-26-foot movie screen broadly draped in front of the orchestra, each planet got its own mini-movie that had the crowd as absorbed in a production than any other classical multimedia show in recent memory" Chicago Sun-Times

"it was Salgado's magnificent film imagery that made the show. Not to be forgotten were sequences displaying the rainbow-colored northern lights swirling and dancing in ever-shifting patterns across the heavens: They resembled nothing so much as luminous, translucent, otherworldly sea anemones gliding among the stars" Chicago Tribune

"Salgado hace honor a ese apellido tan fotográfico y se muestra como un gran conocedor de todas las tecnologías de fotografía digital más actuales. Como el stop motion, pero también domina las imágenes en alto rango dinámico (HDRI), los infrarojos, el uso del ojo de pez, la fotografía estereocópica, e incluso vídeos. Y sus resultados son realmente brillantes." El País (Spain)